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2023 Luxury Guided Tours


Explore the rich and varied countryside surrounding Bath and discover the many World Heritage Sites and attractions outside the city centre

Our expert local expert guides create the premier tour experience. They will bring to life the histories and the myths that saturate every inch of Wessex’s verdant ground.

Image by Jordan Sanchez
London Tours / Transfers

Travelling to Bath from London or Southampton by train or bus? Why not take a tour / transfer and make the most of the historic and beautiful landscape that lies in between?

Our tour / transfer service can depart from your London Hotel or Southampton Seaport and end in Bath or vice versa. This is a perfect opportunity to explore what the local area has to offer.  Save time and money by booking one of our popular tour / transfer options.  

Stonehenge Tour Experts

The Ultimate Stonehenge Tour Experience!

Far more than just a pile of stones in a field, the monoliths of Stonehenge have been intriguing the world for centuries. Our expert guides can turn the amazing experience of seeing the stones for the first time, into an enlightening one.

What is the purpose of the Stones? How long have they been here? How did the Stones come into public ownership?

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